citylikeyou: Interview with Felix Pfäffli

Posted by Fabio 23 November 2022

A conversation with Swiss graphic designer Felix Pfäffli, the founder and owner of the design studio Feixen based in Lucerne, Switzerland.

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Keita Onishi – Manuel Cardoso: Requiem

Posted by Fabio 22 November 2022

Visualization of “Requiem,” an unaccompanied choral piece composed by the 16th century composer Manuel Cardoso.The piece is in the style of polyphony, in which multiple melodies are played with different pitches and rhythms. read more

citylikeyou: Interview with Élise Rigollet

Posted by Fabio 17 November 2022

A conversation with Paris-based independent graphic designer and creative director Élise Rigollet.

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PICTORIALS: exhibition of works and publications by Tim Romanowsky & Stefhany Y. Lozano

Posted by Fabio 14 November 2022

This Thursday 17th of November – Opening of the exhibition PICTORIALS read more

citylikeyou: Interview with Happening Studio

Posted by Fabio 10 November 2022

A conversation with Karen and Masato Nakada the duo behind the international design practice, Happening Studio.

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Ben Branagan – Weak Signals

Posted by Fabio 7 November 2022

Ben Branagan is an artist, originally from London and now based on the south coast of the UK. Working across a range of different mediums and materials, from cast stone and paper pulp to moving image and sound read more

New York-based graphic designer Mike Tully

Posted by Fabio 2 November 2022

Mike Tully is a New York-based graphic designer and art director. He works independently and in collaboration with artists, architects, institutions read more

A selection of illustrations by artist Audrey Helen Weber

Posted by Fabio 2 November 2022

Audrey Helen Weber is a freelance illustrator and book artist living and working in Western Massachusetts. read more