Bernice Liu – Portals

Posted by Fabio 14 July 2020

A selection of images from Portals – an on-going series by Toronto-based artist and creative director Bernice Liu aka Spime. read more

citylikeyou: Interview with Johanne Lian Olsen

Posted by Fabio 14 July 2020

London-based graphic designer Johanne Lian Olsen talked to us about design, creativity, and living and working in London.

Read the full interview here

DeSean McClinton-Holland – The milk is sweet

Posted by Fabio 8 July 2020

A selection of photographs taken from The milk is sweet series by Brooklyn-based photographer DeSean McClinton-Holland. read more

The Walking Fish

Posted by Fabio 3 July 2020

A tragicomic short film about ambition, perfection and self-acceptance. Directed by Thessa Meijer, the Walking Fish tells the story of an ambitious sea-creature that pursues her dream to join the human world. read more