Lena Pogrebnaya

Posted by Fabio 29 May 2019

Lena Pogrebnaya was born in Odessa, Ukraine. She first fell for photography in 2009 while studying at Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. After graduating in 2011 Lena continued her photographic exploration. read more

Amie Dicke: One-Liner

Posted by Fabio 24 May 2019

Amie Dicke worked with a set of images on her studio wall to create her book One-Liner. It is a series of horizontal image compositions made up of fragments of images Dicke sourced from books and magazines, as well as snapshots taken with her camera, which she refers to half-jokingly as the “cold eye”. read more

Lisa Carletta – The ordinary life of Alison Martinu

Posted by Fabio 22 May 2019

Lisa Carletta’s series portrays the everyday life of Alison, a suburban cross-dresser living in Newcastle. These pictures are more than a temporary escape, they are a testimony to the self-creation of identity. Alison describes the necessity of expressing their feminine identity as an alter ego. read more

Paul Smith by Rottingdean Bazaar

Posted by Fabio 20 May 2019

Rottingdean Bazaar meet multiple people called Paul and Paula Smith – including a boxing trainer, a textile artist and a taxi diver. This collaborative book features re-interpretations of the iconic Paul Smith stripe and interviews with other Paul Smiths of the world. read more

Bakas Algirdas – Kaliningrad

Posted by Fabio 17 May 2019

Algirdas Bakas is a Lithuanian photographer currently living and working in Shanghai, China. When he’s not working for brands and publications such us Financial Times, Vogue, T+L, Numero, Dior, Conde Nast Traveler, and Wallpaper to name a few, Algirdas likes to travel and discover the world read more

Benedetta Ristori – Untitled

Posted by Fabio 17 May 2019

Benedetta Ristori is a freelance photographer currently based in Rome,Italy. Her work is focused on the tension between a form and the space it takes and where it’s contained by. In 2018 she self-published her first book “East” read more

Sarah Blais – Waiting Places

Posted by Fabio 16 May 2019

A photographic series by Berlin-based photographer, Sarah Blais. read more

Matthew Finn’s new book School of Art at the ICA London

Posted by Fabio 16 May 2019

In 1997 “Cool Britannia” was at its height. Brit pop was flooding the airwaves, a new Labour government took power, and a sense of hope that had not been felt for a generation was palpable. Finn was 24, had recently graduated, and took a job at a School of Art in the outskirts of London. read more