citylikeyou: Interview with Ed Templeton

Posted by Fabio 13 September 2018

American photographer and contemporary artist – Ed Templeton spoke to us about art, creativity, and living and working in Huntington Beach, California. Plus a selection of his favourite places.

Read full interview here

Andre D. Wagner

Posted by Fabio 5 September 2018

Andre D. Wagner is an African-American artist and photographer born in Omaha, Nebraska. He is a 2010 graduate of Buena Vista University with a BA in Social Work. Wagner’s photography explores the poetic and lyrical nuances of daily life and everyday people. read more

Agnes Lloyd-Platt

Posted by Fabio 17 August 2018

Agnes Lloyd-Platt is a fashion and beauty photographer and filmmaker based in London. Her work is characterised by positivity, colour, character and a graphic sensibility. Touching on these inspirations, Agnes embraces playfulness in her work and believes fashion photography should be uplifting and inclusive. read more

Francois Ollivier – Unknown People in Cuba

Posted by Fabio 13 August 2018

Unknown People in Cuba – a series by Montreal-based freelance photographer, Francois Ollivier. read more

Tyler Mitchell is the first black photographer to shoot the cover of Vogue

Posted by Fabio 7 August 2018

Photographer Tyler Mitchell made his Vogue cover debut with Beyoncé’s September issue. The 2018 September issue of Vogue marks the first time in the magazine’s 125-year existence read more

Taryn Simon – Paperwork and the Will of Capital

Posted by Fabio 3 August 2018

In signings of political accords, contracts, treaties, and decrees, powerful men flank floral centerpieces curated to convey the importance of the signatories and the institutions they represent. The photographs and sculptures of Paperwork and the Will of Capital had twin points of departure read more

Leeor Wild

Posted by Fabio 1 August 2018

Leeor Wild’s body of work explores the nexus between femininity, sexuality, expression and anonymity. Fascinated by texture and movement, her images are intimate and often surreal, juxtaposing the vastness of spaces with the details of the human form. read more

“Land of Nothingness” by Maroesjka Lavigne

Posted by Fabio 23 July 2018

A country named after a desert. One of the least densely populated places on earth. Defined by its rich variety of colors—yet in a forever changing, yet completely barren landscape. Namibia’s landscape draws you in, through a vast brown plain of scorched earth read more