Maximilian Mauracher

Posted by Fabio 15 February 2018

Maximilian Mauracher is a graphic designer and art director working in the fields of print and web design with a strong focus on typography and simplicity. Services include art direction, branding and visual identities, websites, magazines and books read more

Rita Matos

Posted by Fabio 15 February 2018

Rita Matos is a Portuguese designer born and based in Lisbon. She has a degree in Communication Design from Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts, completed in 2013. She is a part of silvadesigners‘ design studio since 2014. There, she works on editorial projects, visual identities, and branding read more

Ariane Delahaye

Posted by Fabio 13 February 2018

Ariane Delahaye is a graphic designer and art director based in Paris. Graduate of ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in 2013 and ECAL in 2017, She works in different fields: logotype, poster, visual identity, edition but also packaging and webdesign. read more

Ines Cox

Posted by Fabio 6 February 2018

Ines Cox runs her own independent graphic design studio in Antwerp. Her work has a focus on printed matter and graphic identities and she has completed a wide variety of projects. Clients range from independent artists and galleries to brands, schools and museums. read more

George Dutton

Posted by Fabio 2 February 2018

George Dutton is a London based graphic designer specialising in all areas of interactive, book and print design. read more

Universal Everything: Inside the Sound

Posted by Fabio 30 January 2018

Continuing the studio’s explorations into new forms of audio­visual synaesthetic experience, Universal Everything poses the question: how does it feel to step Inside the Sound? read more

Polina Joffe

Posted by Fabio 17 January 2018

Polina Joffe is a Berlin-based graphic designer and art director with a methodical approach to identities, printed matter, websites, and visual communication. Time spent researching legibility and modern reading systems underpins Polina’s typographic-led process and style read more

Joseph Burrin

Posted by Fabio 16 January 2018

Joseph Burrin is a graphic designer and art director based in Amsterdam. He specializes in brand identity, print advertising and editorial design across art, culture and commerce. read more