Guns Found Here

Posted by Fabio 19 February 2018

When there’s a gun crime in America, there’s only one place to go to trace the gun back to its owner: Martinsburg, West Virginia. That’s where the ATF’s National Tracing Center handles roughly 8,000 active traces per day read more


Posted by Fabio 12 February 2018

A 2018 Oscar nominee for Best Short Documentary. Edith and Eddie, ages 96 and 95, are America’s oldest interracial newlyweds. Their love story is disrupted by a family feud that threatens to tear the couple apart. Directed, produced and edited by Laura Checkoway.

La Coupe (The Cut)

Posted by Fabio 7 February 2018

“The Cut” tells the story of a father and a daughter, whose relationship fluctuates between proximity and detachment at the moment of a haircut. Written and directed by Geneviève Dulude-De Celles.

2018 Oscar Nominee for Best Short Documentary: Heaven Is A Traffic Jam On The 405

Posted by Fabio 29 January 2018

Mindy Alper is a tortured and brilliant 56 year old artist who is represented by one of Los Angeles’ top galleries. Acute anxiety, mental disorder and devastating depression have caused her to be committed to mental institutions undergo electro shock therapy and survive a 10 year period without the ability to speak. read more

Cautionary Tales

Posted by Fabio 25 January 2018

A bizarre incident as a young boy left Aaron with an unusual facial disfigurement that has plagued him all his life. Isolated and vulnerable, Aaron seeks comfort in the friendship and understanding of an unexpected group of outcasts. read more

The Cosmic Dope – A Plant Experience

Posted by Fabio 25 January 2018

Alan Jones and Eric Bobson get together once again on the 4th Episode of The Cosmic Dope – A Plant Experience. This time’s lysergic experiment counts with Nancy, the episode’s guest, and an unknown orchid species. Written and Directed by CLEMENTE.

Sarah C Prinz

Posted by Fabio 22 January 2018

Director, choreographer, photographer Sarah C Prinz focuses her work in the convergence of contemporary dance and narrative storytelling. Her foundational philosophy of art-making is inspired by psychology, socio-political ambiguity, and gender fluidity. read more

The Collection

Posted by Fabio 9 January 2018

The Collection is a short documentary about two friends, DJ Ginsberg and Marilyn Wagner, and their discovery of an astonishing and unique collection of movie memorabilia, comprised of over 40,000 printer blocks and 20,000 printer plates read more