Person of the Forest

Posted by Fabio 23 April 2018

In the vanishing lowland rainforests of Borneo, new research is underway to uncover and understand the unique cultural behaviors in wild orangutans, before it’s too late. There, photographer Tim Laman, researcher Cheryll Knott and young explorer Robert Suro read more

And Now, Make Something Beautiful

Posted by Fabio 12 April 2018

And Now, Make Something Beautiful – A part of Life, Love, Work. A short film Written and directed by Paulin Rogues AKA El Popo Sangre, a french indie CGI filmmaker and art director based in Paris. read more

Milton Glaser – I Heart NY

Posted by Fabio 11 April 2018

I Heart NY is a short film about Milton Glaser, the creator of the iconic I Heart NY symbol and his enduring love for New York City, through its many phases, crises, and complications. read more

Atelier – Short Film

Posted by Fabio 10 April 2018

Imbued with mystery, soul-searching and sly humour, Atelier tells the story of a woman seeking peace and quiet at a modern studio utopia. Her stay is jarringly interrupted by a sound artist while mysterious sheep close in on the house. read more

Posted by Fabio 28 March 2018

A new series from WeTransfer and Pi Studios looks at creative collaborations in a new way, capturing what working together really looks and feels like. read more

Zia Anger

Posted by Fabio 27 March 2018

Zia Anger is a filmmaker and music video director. Her most recent short My Last Film premiered at the 53rd New York Film Festival. In 2015 her short I Remember Nothing had its world premiere at New Directors/New Films read more

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist

Posted by Fabio 21 March 2018

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist is the first film to encompass the remarkable story of Vivienne’s life, her fashion, her personality, her activism and her cultural importance. read more

My America

Posted by Fabio 19 March 2018

My America is a 17-minute short documentary that raises the voices of a group that are often accounted for, but seldom listened to: youth. The film follows a small group of disenfranchised young people as they describe what their personal America looks like, and how they are trying to enact change in their own way. Directed by Barnaby Roper.