Björk: Arisen My Senses

Posted by Fabio 23 December 2017

The official video for Arisen My Senses, taken from Björk’s new studio album Utopia. Directed by Jesse Kanda.

Lisa H. Moura – When Marina Abramovic Dies

Posted by Fabio 22 December 2017

Marina Abramovic’s works rely mostly on a physical and performative experience so it was very important not to lose this aspect while designing the book. In the front cover, along with the title of the book, is the book’s introduction describing Marina’s death wishes. read more

Chris M Forsyth – The Metro Project

Posted by Fabio 22 December 2017

Underground transit systems are often as much a function of design as they are of utility. The Metro Project by Montreal-based visual artist Chris M Forsyth is a personal exploration of the art and architecture of metro stations around the world. read more

Veronica Tran – Frankenstein Unbound

Posted by Fabio 21 December 2017

A reinterpretation of the Frankenstein novel, and accumulated set of experiments put together in a way that tells a parallel and gradual narrative to the novel. It aims to look at the Frankenstein text in conjunction with typographic experiments read more

Joy Miessi

Posted by Fabio 21 December 2017

Joy Miessi is an artist based in London. Joy translates moments, conversations, feelings and intimate thoughts into visual pieces for reflection. read more

Yota Yoshida

Posted by Fabio 20 December 2017

Yota Yoshida (1981) is a Street Photographer. He grew up in a small town in north Kumamoto and currently resides in Tokyo Japan. He has no formal education in photography but is inspired by everything in each day-to-day experience. read more

Swen Swensøn

Posted by Fabio 20 December 2017

Swen Swensøn is a freelance artist and graphic designer. He captures the beauty that lies within ordinary situations, funny encounters and quiet moments when the world seems to stand still. From idyllic landscapes and geometrical architecture to people and colorful animals. read more

Well Groomed

Posted by Fabio 19 December 2017

Well Groomed travels the visually stunning, humorous world of competitive creative dog grooming alongside the colorful women transforming their beloved poodles into living sculptures. read more