Prince – Breakfast Can Wait

Posted by Fabio 20 August 2013

Dave Chappelle stars on Prince’s Breakfast Can Wait cover art, dressed as Prince from one of his famous Chappelle Show. read more

Parametric Expression

Posted by Fabio 19 August 2013

Parametric Expression is a study of quantified emotion by artist Mike Pelletier. Accompanied by music by Colleen. Mike Pelletier is an interactive artist & technical director, who has extensive experience working with artists, designers and directors in creative environments. read more

Ariko Inaoka

Posted by Fabio 19 August 2013

Ariko Inaoka is a Japanese photographer who has been documenting two Icelandic identical twins girls, Erna and Hrefna, since they were nine years old in 2009. Her intensions for this project is to capture the very precious period of their growth from child to teenager, physically as well as psychologically. read more

Benoît Mauduech

Posted by Fabio 19 August 2013

Oscillating between two extremes, solo travel and the advertising industry, Benoît Mauduech illustrates his thoughts on the human condition in both his personal and commercial work. read more

Emma Kisiel

Posted by Fabio 5 August 2013

Emma Kisiel’s photographs are an exploration of the ways in which we as humans experience and interact with animals. Kisiel uses photography to document and ponder her emotional and physical closeness to animals, both living and dead. read more

Alexandra Citrin

Posted by Fabio 5 August 2013

Alexandra Citrin received her B.S. in fine arts from Skidmore College in 2009 and spent the following years as a commercial illustrator for a small branding agency. She left advertising to pursue editorial illustration full time, and never looked back. read more

Sea Chant

Posted by Fabio 5 August 2013

Sea Chant is the storytelling outfit of Andrew & Carissa Gallo, a photography/directing duo based in Portland, Oregon. Together they write and direct films, each delivered alongside of an aesthetically complementing photo set. read more

Jay Z – Picasso Baby

Posted by Fabio 3 August 2013

JAY Z “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film.” Directed by Mark Romanek. “Picasso Baby” Produced by Timbaland is available on JAY Z’s “Magna Carta… Holy Grail.”