Posted by Fabio 30 November 2011

Creating oblique relationships between her own personal history and cultural signifiers of both racial and political struggles and identity politics, Reynaud-Dewar draws from varied influences, from Rastafarianism to the work of Ettore Sotsass to the history of cinema. read more

Bon Iver – Deluxe edition

Posted by Fabio 30 November 2011

Comprised of individual visual works for each of the album’s ten songs, the Bon Iver’s Deluxe Edition is the comprehensive vision for the record captured in moving picture. The visual works both complement and enrich the audio on the album, and were in themselves, another year in the making. read more

Between Days

Posted by Fabio 29 November 2011

After leaving their home in Bosnia because of the Yugoslavian war in the beginning of the 90’s, Abdulah Kadenic and his wife Sehaveta ended up in Norway. They lived there for 12 years until Sehavata got so ill that she had to be put in a nursing home. Due to not understanding the language very well and because they never really felt at home in Norway they decided to move back to Bosnia. read more

Modeselektor Feat. Thom Yorke – Shipwreck

Posted by Fabio 28 November 2011

Shipwreck is from German electronic production duo Modeselektor’s third album “Monkeytown” (MONKEYTOWN015) which was released on 30 September and features Thom Yorke. Directed by Tony Datis.

Mauro D’Agati – Alamar

Posted by Fabio 28 November 2011

The Alamar’s neighborhoodcextends to the east of Havana, on the other side of the bay. In the 70’s Alamar was born as a model city project, but through the years fell into anonymity until it became a bewildering complex of badly constructed buildings. The Sicilian Mauro D’Agati decided to expose the scene of Alamar through a series of shots that convey life, decay, color, poverty and dreams. read more


Posted by Fabio 28 November 2011

Over its 2,000-plus issues, LIFE magazine – the premier photo magazine of its time, known not only in the United States but around the world – featured countless personalities, from cinema stars to sports heroes, politicians to pop idols. What was it like to be on the cover, beside that iconic red-and-white logo? How did it feel to open the magazine and see yourself splashed across eight pages? read more

Moyra Davey – The coffee shop, the library

Posted by Fabio 25 November 2011

Canadian photographer Moyra Davey attended Montreal’s Concordia University and the University of California, San Diego. She now lives and works in New York. read more

Nick Knight’s Extraordinary Gentlemen

Posted by Fabio 24 November 2011

A collaboration with stylist Alister Mackie and artist duo LucyandBart, Nick Knight’s latest fashion film captures a series of hand-crafted handicraft homages to the extreme volumes and textures that characterise the best of twenty-first century menswear. Witness a phantasmagorical fusion of craft, fashion and installation art in this utterly one-off film.