Linda Hansen – Naevus Flammeus

Posted by Fabio 27 September 2018

Naevus Flammeus, is Danish photographer Linda Hansen’s most recent work. She completed the work over a period of three years, and the series contains portraits of men, women and children with birthmarks on their face or neck, known as port-wine stains. read more


Posted by Fabio 27 September 2018

AdeY’s work captures those little moments of social oppression, humour, isolation, anxiety and depression. It recognises that we not only change in relation to our environment but that our environment adapts to what we become. read more

Steve McQueen’s Year 3 Project

Posted by Fabio 25 September 2018

Turner Prize-winning artist and Oscar-winning filmmaker Steve McQueen, together with Tate, Artangel and A New Direction, will invite every Year 3 primary school class in London to be photographed. read more

The EVERYTHING – a new film written and directed by Humberto Leon

Posted by Fabio 25 September 2018

KENZO presents “The EVERYTHING”, a new film written and directed by Humberto Leon. This is the directorial debut by the accomplished creative director and features KENZO’s Fall-Winter 2018 collections & KENZO – La Collection Memento N°3. read more

Edouard Taufenbach – Spéculaire

Posted by Fabio 24 September 2018

Edouard Taufenbach’s new series, Spéculaire, is composed of silver photographic objects created from archival images of the Sebastien Lifshitz Collection. These original prints, which celebrate hedonism through the free expression of naked bodies read more

Nelli Palomäki

Posted by Fabio 24 September 2018

Nelli Palomäki’s photographs deal with the growth, memory and our problematic way of seeing ourselves. One of the crucial themes in her portraiture is our mortality. read more

Gorillaz – Tranz

Posted by Fabio 14 September 2018

Tranz is the new Gorillaz music video directed by Jamie Hewlett and Nicos Livesey, taken from their brand new album THE NOW NOW.

citylikeyou: Interview with Ed Templeton

Posted by Fabio 13 September 2018

American photographer and contemporary artist – Ed Templeton spoke to us about art, creativity, and living and working in Huntington Beach, California. Plus a selection of his favourite places.

Read full interview here