Regina Giménez

Posted by Fabio 16 February 2018

Regina Giménez explores an iconography based on the graphic design and marketing techniques of a post-industrial world. The paintings of Regina Giménez evoke the graphic and industrial design read more

Sarah Bahbah

Posted by Fabio 9 February 2018

Known for her explicitly transparent exploration of the internal voices of young females, Sarah Bahbah’s raw storytelling style has developed a cult following. And through her LA-based content creation agency Possy, the likes of Topshop, Moncler, Vogue, Captiol Records, and even Mariott Starwood have joined her movement. read more

Sam Cannon

Posted by Fabio 9 February 2018

Sam Cannon is an artist and director based in NYC. Her personal work focuses on the manipulation of time, space, and the female form. Living somewhere between still photography and video read more

Manshen Lo

Posted by Fabio 8 February 2018

Manshen Lo is a visual artist living in London and a graduate of the Royal College of Art. She directs and art directs animated short films and commercials, as well as taking on illustration, fashion styling, and private artwork commissions as a freelancer. read more

Martin Gordopelota

Posted by Fabio 7 February 2018

Paintings by Buenos Aires-based artist Martin Gordopelota. read more

Jonathan Wateridge

Posted by Fabio 6 February 2018

Jonathan Wateridge’s paintings are elaborately crafted ‘non-events’ that have the trappings of a real occurrence but for the most part are entirely fabricated. A significant part of his work over recent years has been to reconfigure or re-make a given scenario or found image. read more

Moira Ricci

Posted by Fabio 5 February 2018

Moira Ricci (Italy/1977) lives and works in Italy. Her work (photography, video, installation), often autobiographical, probes individual and social identity, family history, home and the original ties with territory read more

Kent Rogowski: Love=Love

Posted by Fabio 2 February 2018

Love=Love is a series of collages by New York based artist, Kent Rogowski. The collages were created using pieces of over 60 store bought puzzles. Although puzzle pieces are unique, and can only fit into one place within a puzzle, they are sometimes interchangeable within a brand. read more