Isabelle Hayman

Posted by Fabio 13 July 2018

Isabelle Hayman is a French visual artist based in London. Her work has been chosen to illustrate various luxury brand projects. In March 2018, a number of her drawings were shown in Paul Smith’s boutique No. 9 Albemarle St, London. read more

Olivia Bullock

Posted by Fabio 11 July 2018

Olivia Bullock’s work is characterised by a familiar and recognisable visual language that draws inspiration from a diverse range of historical and cultural references. Much of her thematic inspiration is gathered from legends, stories, history and traditions. read more

Patricia Voulgaris

Posted by Fabio 9 July 2018

Patricia Voulgaris combines modernist cut-paper abstraction with fragments of the human body, fashioning a fragmented peek-a-boo that also suggests objectification and an urgent sense of the psychologically dislocated. read more

Emma Larsson

Posted by Fabio 6 July 2018

Emma Larsson has been painting almost her whole life. Based in Stockholm, she considers herself an autodidact artist and sculptor whose imagery touches the boundary between colouristic dreamscapes and melancholy figures. read more

The Art of Campari

Posted by Fabio 2 July 2018

Since the nineteenth century, Campari has been responsible for some of the most distinctive and innovative imagery created in Italy. In a new exhibition this summer, London’s Estorick Collection traces the history of Campari’s pioneering approach to advertising its iconic ruby-red aperitivo. read more

Yajing Hu – Heartbeat

Posted by Fabio 28 June 2018

The inspiration for this work initiates from the heartbeat. Just like every one of us has a heartbeat from the moment we are born, it will also cease at the moment of our death. In other words, the heartbeat is actually proof that we are alive. read more

Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up

Posted by Fabio 22 June 2018

A fresh perspective on Kahlo’s compelling life story through her most intimate personal belongings. This exhibition presents an extraordinary collection of personal artefacts and clothing belonging to the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. read more

Miranda July: I’m The President, Baby

Posted by Fabio 20 June 2018

Four smart curtains installed in the V&A exhibition The Future Starts Here (12 May – 4 November 2018) are linked to the phone and bed of Oumarou Idrissa, Miranda July’s friend and collaborator on this project, a young man from Niger who lives and works as an Uber driver in Los Angeles. read more