Higgs boson

Posted by Fabio 30 June 2010

Scientists have simulated the sounds set to be made by sub-atomic particles such as the Higgs boson when they are produced at the Large Hadron Collider. Their aim is to develop a means for physicists at Cern to “listen to the data” and pick out the Higgs particle if and when they finally detect it. Dr Lily Asquith modelled data from the giant Atlas experiment at the LHC. Read full article here.

Happy hour

Posted by Fabio 30 June 2010

Happy Hour is fairly violent animated short film by Parisian studio Kaw Animation.


Yosigo Naiz

Posted by Fabio 30 June 2010

Spanish photographer Yosigo Naiz from San Sebastián shoots people, places and spaces in a very documenting and observing way, one senses that the people within the photographs never knew Naiz was there capturing them. Here is a selection of lovely photos from the beach as well as some Aqua theme park. read more

Shannon Ebner

Posted by Fabio 30 June 2010

Shannon Ebner’s photographs consistently involve a visceral experience with language, as well as an economy of materials linking her to the Conceptual practice of Ed Ruscha and Bruce Nauman. Words and signs are treated as physical entities, subject to destruction and decay.


Coalition of the Willing

Posted by Fabio 29 June 2010

‘Coalition of the Willing’ is a collaborative animated film and web-based event about an online war against global warming in a ‘post Copenhagen’ world. ‘Coalition of the Willing’ has been Directed and produced by Knife Party, written by Tim Rayner and crafted by a network of 24 artists from around the world using varied and eclectic film making techniques. Collaborators include some of the world’s top moving image talent, such as Decoy, World Leaders and Parasol Island. www.coalitionofthewilling.org.uk

Aleksandra Domanovic

Posted by Fabio 29 June 2010

Serbian born artist Aleksandra Domanovic is a Berlin-based artist who works primarily on the internet. Shown here is a recent project of her’s Untitled (30.III.2010), printable monuments to the abolished .yu domain 3 x 7.500 page paper-stack sculpture, A4 inkjet. read more

Weather Tests

Posted by Fabio 29 June 2010

Weather Tests is an exploratory film project which is an attempt of exaggereting actions and physics of each season. Directed and animated by Savas Ozay.


Mike Stilkey

Posted by Fabio 29 June 2010

Los Angeles native Mike Stilkey has always been attracted to painting and drawing not only on vintage paper, record covers and book pages, but on the books themselves. Using a mix of ink, colored pencil, paint and lacquer, Stilkey depicts a melancholic and at times a whimsical cast of characters inhabiting ambiguous spaces and narratives of fantasy and fairy tales.