Against The Grain: Skate Culture and the Camera

Posted by Fabio 5 July 2018

Against The Grain: Skate Culture and the Camera is an Exhibition that celebrates the phenomena of skateboarding, with the photographers and filmmakers who documented the movement. Curated and produced by Jaime Marie Davis and Frankie Shea. read more

The Art of Campari

Posted by Fabio 2 July 2018

Since the nineteenth century, Campari has been responsible for some of the most distinctive and innovative imagery created in Italy. In a new exhibition this summer, London’s Estorick Collection traces the history of Campari’s pioneering approach to advertising its iconic ruby-red aperitivo. read more

Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up

Posted by Fabio 22 June 2018

A fresh perspective on Kahlo’s compelling life story through her most intimate personal belongings. This exhibition presents an extraordinary collection of personal artefacts and clothing belonging to the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. read more

Miranda July: I’m The President, Baby

Posted by Fabio 20 June 2018

Four smart curtains installed in the V&A exhibition The Future Starts Here (12 May – 4 November 2018) are linked to the phone and bed of Oumarou Idrissa, Miranda July’s friend and collaborator on this project, a young man from Niger who lives and works as an Uber driver in Los Angeles. read more

Alex Prager: Silver Lake Drive

Posted by Fabio 18 June 2018

Silver Lake Drive is a major new exhibition marking the first mid-career survey of American photographer and filmmaker, Alex Prager. read more

Roy Newell

Posted by Fabio 15 June 2018

An exhibition by American abstract painter Roy Newell (1914-2006), showcasing paintings spanning over half a century of the artist’s career, including works that come directly from the artist’s Estate and that have not previously been shown in New York. read more

Juergen Teller – Zittern auf dem Sofa

Posted by Fabio 13 June 2018

In June 2018 Russia will host the FIFA World Cup, which will span eleven cities. Garage will mark this important footballing occasion with a new exhibition read more

100 – An exhibition by Marco Oggian

Posted by Fabio 6 June 2018

The idea behind ‘100’ was to represent one hundred iconic people whilst still maintaining the same base, the same eyes and the same mouth, treating the elements with simple geometric figures, making them recognisable only through the details and the colours read more