Jennifer Guidi – Heliocentric

Posted by Fabio 19 April 2018

Heliocentric an exhibition of new paintings by Jennifer Guidi. This is Guidi’s first exhibition with Gagosian gallery and her first solo exhibition in Asia. read more

The Photographers’ Gallery presents Work in Process

Posted by Fabio 17 April 2018

The Photographers’ Gallery presents Work in Process, a group exhibition which surveys new and recent works by five contemporary female artists (Julie Cockburn, Alma Haser, Jessa Fairbrother, Liz Nielsen, Felicity Hammond), whose process-based practices focus on the photographic surface, interacting with it in challenging and innovative ways. read more

Dan Colen: Mailorder Mother Purgatory

Posted by Fabio 10 April 2018

Lévy Gorvy will debut new paintings and sculpture by Dan Colen in the artist’s inaugural exhibition at the gallery, opening May 2nd. Dan Colen: Mailorder Mother Purgatory will present three recent bodies of works read more

Jonathan Gardner: The spot of the eye

Posted by Fabio 1 February 2018

In this series of new works Jonathan Gardne places his attention on invented interior imagery, navigating a terrain between abstraction and representation. Gardner’s focus is on windows, doorways, paintings within paintings, exits or entrances, both in to the paintings, and the various spaces within them. read more

Keith Farquhar: Lap Gods

Posted by Fabio 30 January 2018

Colour co-ordinated and purchased readymade online, Keith Farquhar’s Lap Gods schematise present day conditions of social disenfranchisement, dispassionately rendering it as a visual equation. They reflect the obscenity of contemporary welfare practices at the same time read more

Aya Kawabata: Parallel Crossings

Posted by Fabio 8 December 2017

Aya Kawabata is a multidisciplinary artist and designer whose practice encompasses textile, animation, print, digital art, bookmaking, and illustration. Parallel Crossings brings together two disparate aspects of her oeuvre: vivid textiles populated by imaginary creatures comprised of geometric primitives and sparse prints inspired by the architectural environment of Brooklyn waterfront. read more

Maureen Paley Gallery: Andrew Grassie

Posted by Fabio 6 December 2017

Andrew Grassie’s third solo exhibition at the Maureen Paley gallery. Grassie’s paintings recreate in precise detail photographs that he has taken himself, found on the Internet or sourced from archives. read more

Tactility: Contemporary Fashion Illustration

Posted by Fabio 3 October 2016

Fashion illustration never dies. In fact, despite the digital age, it continues to thrive. read more