El Guincho – Bombay

Posted by Fabio 30 September 2010

Video for El Guincho’s new single “Bombay” from his new album “Pop Negro”. Filmed by Canada and directed by Nicolas Mendez. read more


Posted by Fabio 30 September 2010

FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS was an independent critical design exhibition showcasing new work by Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen. Situated on the experimental edge of the London Design Festival, the show featured two new projects: one exploring the use of tumour targeting nano-gold particles as hypothetical family heirlooms, the other proposing the use of feral pigeons and synthetic biology for aesthetic interventions in urban metabolisms. read more

Tim Eitel

Posted by Fabio 29 September 2010

Tim Eitel is internationally known as one of the most prominent German painters of his generation. Because of his coloured-bright paintings of landscapes and museum rooms, populated with people, who are mostly completely concentrating on themselves, he became famous. Current scenarios of a lack of true relationships. Already in this “bright period” Tim Eitel stands in the tradition of a modern era with the topic of the grown lonely, disoriented human. www.eigen-art.com

File Issue 4

Posted by Fabio 29 September 2010

Featuring Revital Cohen, Aurèle Sack, Sean Dunne, Eric Yahnker, Penny Davenport, Raymond Cauchetier, Luisa Fici, Posy Simmonds, Luke Seomore & Joseph Bull, Daniel Chester, Silas Money, Sara Muzio, Matthias Hoegg, Anna McGrath..

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Luke Seomore & Joseph Bull – Through the seeping streets came the autumn

Posted by Fabio 28 September 2010

We are pleased to present you with a beautiful Atmospheric Mixtape from the hands of two very talented filmmakers Luke Seomore & Joseph Bull, who we previously featured in the 1st issue of FILE, and also in the new Issue 4. Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull met at art college, since then they have directed over 20 short documentaries exploring the margins of British society, read more

Eric Rondepierre

Posted by Fabio 28 September 2010

In the early 1990s Eric Rondepierre started exploring the blind spots of cinema. His intervention consisted in choosing frames (the images that are projected at a rate of 24 per second on the screen, and that are invisible in a normal screening) in accordance with clearly defined criteria, and then excerpting them and showing them as large-format photographic prints. read more

Real Flow

Posted by Fabio 28 September 2010

Video installation by Berlin based artist Timur Si-Qin.


Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes

Posted by Fabio 27 September 2010

Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes
1909 – 1929

25 September to 9 January 2011

Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL