Tekla Evelina Severin

Posted by Fabio 18 July 2019

Tekla Evelina Severin tends to seek (and find) the lines, shapes and distinguished colours in every object, landscape and surroundings. Her role and assignments shift fluidly between working as a photographer, art director, interior architect, set designer, colourist, and trend forecaster all around the world. read more

Elin Svensson

Posted by Fabio 17 July 2019

A selection of work by Stockholm-based Illustrator and Designer, Elin Svensson. With a multidisciplinary approach, Elin strives to create playful and functional work that aims for both the head and the heart. read more

Conie Vallese

Posted by Fabio 16 July 2019

Conie Vallese was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she developed an early interest in art from observing the projects of her family. She was encouraged by her grandmother’s oil paintings, her father’s experiments in sculpture, and her mother’s affinity for interior design. read more

Solange Knowles – When I Get Home

Posted by Fabio 15 July 2019

Visual artist and singer/ songwriter Solange Knowles presents an extended version of her interdisciplinary performance art film When I Get Home at the V&A (Friday Late) in London on the 30th of August. read more

Inés Maestre

Posted by Fabio 12 July 2019

Inés Maestre is an illustrator and digital painter currently living and working between London and Madrid. After her studies in fashion and pattern design at the IED in Madrid, Inés started to work for brands such as Pull & Bear, Mira Mikati and Andrea Crews. Her work is often based on scenes and situations read more

Graintable – Universal Ash

Posted by Fabio 12 July 2019

Portland producer James Cooke aka Graintable makes a much-anticipated return to Ransom Note Records with his second album Universal Ash. Released on digital and limited edition cassette, the follow-up to 2018’s Herons is an overwhelming experience read more

Michael Novotny – The Arctic Hunters

Posted by Fabio 11 July 2019

Remote, far away from the haste of a modern life, far above the Arctic circle in northeast Greenland there lies one of the most isolated places in the northern hemisphere – a small settlement called Ittoqqortoormiit. Its inhabitants are mostly Inuit and they still keep living their lives the same way their ancestors did. read more

Transcript – Yale MFA Photography 2019

Posted by Fabio 9 July 2019

Transcript, an exhibition of work by recent graduates of the 2019 Yale MFA Photography program. Organized by the artist James Welling, the show includes works by Sara Abbaspour, Genesis Báez, Molly Berman, Felix Davey, Brian Galderisi, Rodrigo López read more