Max Mikulecky – Fugue State

Posted by Fabio 31 July 2019

Fugue State is a collection of photographs that examine the changing landscape of the American west and the notion of self-identity. A fugue state by definition is the loss of one’s identity or the formation of a new identity read more

Vicente Manssur

Posted by Fabio 30 July 2019

A selection of beautiful film-photographs by Guayaquil based photographer, Vicente Manssur. read more

Scottie Cameron

Posted by Fabio 29 July 2019

Scottie Cameron is an Australian photographer and director known for his use of graphic compositions instilled with a sense of humour. Utilizing organic materials in still compositions with human elements, storytelling is at the core of Scottie’s creative vision. read more

Ewa Doroszenko – Body Editor

Posted by Fabio 26 July 2019

In the Body Editor series, Ewa Doroszenko tries to challenge our trust of digitally constructed imagery in the context of the post-photographic era. The project was inspired by the failures and bugs in the popular beauty apps, where unnatural bodies get distorted. read more

Blood Orange – Benzo

Posted by Fabio 25 July 2019

Benzo is the new self-directed music video by Blood Orange, also known as the artist Dev Hynes. Taken from his new mixtape Angel’s Pulse – the follow-up to his Negro Swan LP from last year. read more

Pilvi Takala – The Stroker

Posted by Fabio 25 July 2019

The Stroker is a two-channel video installation based on Takala’s two week-long intervention at Second Home, a trendy East London coworking space for young entrepreneurs and startups. read more

Antto Melasniemi and Rirkrit Tiravanija: Bastard Cookbook

Posted by Fabio 25 July 2019

After years of making food together in gallery settings and art institutions around the world, ‘bastard brothers’ Rirkrit Tiravanija and Antto Melasniemi release their first collaborative cookbook. read more

Ariana Papademetropoulos

Posted by Fabio 24 July 2019

A series of large scale paintings by Los Angeles born and based multidisciplinary artist and curator Ariana Papademetropoulos. Her work attempts to map meanings or hidden depictions found in images and their psychological undercurrents. read more