Isabelle Hayman

Posted by Fabio 13 July 2018

Isabelle Hayman is a French visual artist based in London. Her work has been chosen to illustrate various luxury brand projects. In March 2018, a number of her drawings were shown in Paul Smith’s boutique No. 9 Albemarle St, London. read more

Olivia Bullock

Posted by Fabio 11 July 2018

Olivia Bullock’s work is characterised by a familiar and recognisable visual language that draws inspiration from a diverse range of historical and cultural references. Much of her thematic inspiration is gathered from legends, stories, history and traditions. read more

Kissi Ussuki

Posted by Fabio 29 June 2018

Justė Urbonavičiūtė aka Kissi Ussuki is a freelance illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She likes to draw faces, hands and other body parts, and she likes surreal and absurd compositions. Especially if they are pink. read more

Bim Eriksson

Posted by Fabio 8 June 2018

Bim Eriksson is a comic artist, creator and feminist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Through her illustrations and comics she expresses the things most people don’t even dare to talk about. Bim has written political editorials for one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, Aftonbladet. read more

Sue Doeksen

Posted by Fabio 8 June 2018

Amsterdam based illustrator Sue Doeksen creates worlds that are overpopulated with bright colours, friendly shapes, layered or light concepts and hidden jokes. Mediums ranging from physical, digital, pencil-drawn, paper-cut, and animated. read more

Rebecca Chew

Posted by Fabio 7 June 2018

Rebecca Chew is a visual storyteller with a multidisciplinary background in graphic design, illustration, journalism and photography. She works in the intersection between imagery and language. Her work can be seen across various publications including magazines, newspapers and a tablet app. read more

100 – An exhibition by Marco Oggian

Posted by Fabio 6 June 2018

The idea behind ‘100’ was to represent one hundred iconic people whilst still maintaining the same base, the same eyes and the same mouth, treating the elements with simple geometric figures, making them recognisable only through the details and the colours read more

Gyuri Cloe Lee – National Gymnastics

Posted by Fabio 4 June 2018

This film is not meant to be interpreted but rather experienced visually and audibly, as if you were in a slow car ride back to your childhood home. Take a journey through the nostalgic, yet bizarre visual landscape of animator Gyuri Cloe Lee’ memories and imagination. read more