Love Bite: Laurie Lipton and Her Disturbing Black & White Drawings

Posted by Fabio 6 September 2019

No one on the planet has drawn more than Laurie Lipton. With millions of tiny strokes of her humble pencil, Laurie’s haunted images seek answers to some of the most uncomfortable themes in our culture. read more

Roberts Rurans

Posted by Fabio 29 August 2019

Bright colours and witty compositions, with a touch of humour and ease by Latvian born, Riga-based illustrator, Roberts Rurans. read more

Ruggiero Colonna Romano

Posted by Fabio 23 August 2019

“It’s always summer, somewhere.” A selection of illustrations by Milan-based artist and illustrator, Ruggiero Colonna Romano, also known as Burrnd. read more

Riikka Laakso – Postcards

Posted by Fabio 16 August 2019

Ongoing, self published postcard project by Finnish born, Berlin-based artist and illustrator Riikka Laakso. read more

Ryuto Miyake

Posted by Fabio 15 August 2019

A selection of beautiful illustrations by Tokyo-based illustrator and graphic designer Ryuto Miyake. read more

Joel Burden

Posted by Fabio 9 August 2019

A selection of work by British graphic artist and illustrator, Joel Burden. read more

Kanako Hatsuya – Mountain Bear Bears Mountain

Posted by Fabio 8 August 2019

Mountain Bear Bears Mountain is a series of illustrations by Tokyo-based Japanrese artist, Kanako Hatsuya. read more

Zack Rosebrugh

Posted by Fabio 5 August 2019

A selection of work by Los Angeles based artist and illustrator, Zack Rosebrugh. read more