Mercedes DeBellard

Posted by Fabio 9 November 2017

Mercedes DeBellard is an established illustrator from Madrid, Spain. Having worked with the likes of Warner Brothers and Random House. Her portfolio of celebrity portraits and character designs showcase realist drawing skills with a delicate ethereal touch. read more

Jun Cen

Posted by Fabio 3 November 2017

Jun Cen is an award-wining artist from China currently based in New York, and his illustrations and animations are just wonderful! read more

Anna Kövecses

Posted by Fabio 24 October 2017

Anna Kövecses (1988) is a Hungarian born illustrator and artist living and working in a small seaside village on the island of Cyprus. Her digital collages are characterized by simple organic shapes, bright colors and an atmosphere of simple naivety. read more

Amber Vittoria

Posted by Fabio 20 October 2017

Amber Vittoria is an Illustrator focusing on femininity and the female form, leveraging physical traits such as body hair, overtly extended limbs, and rounded features. read more

Victoria Vincent – kittykat96

Posted by Fabio 12 October 2017

Another great animation by California-based animator-illustrator, Victoria Vincent. read more

Sarina Nihei

Posted by Fabio 6 September 2017

Sarina Nihei is an animation director and illustrator living in Tokyo. Being obsessed with Estonian animation while she was studying graphic design at Tama Art University in Tokyo, she decided to pursue animation. read more

Jordyn McGeachin

Posted by Fabio 26 August 2017

A visual illustration diary by Melbourne-based illustrator Jordyn McGeachin. read more

Cecile Giovannini

Posted by Fabio 26 August 2017

Surreal and dreamlike paintings and illustrations but the very talented Swiss-Italian artist, Cecile Giovannini. read more