Paige Moon

Posted by Fabio 20 April 2018

Paige Moon’s work is based on her daily adventures, whether alone or with a cast of old and new friends. She aims to compile recollections of memories and create memorials to those experiences. read more

Forest Memories – Celia Jacobs

Posted by Fabio 18 April 2018

Forest Memories – A series of paintings by artist and llustrator Celia Jacobs based off of memories of being in the forest. These paintings are currently being shown as part of the Unvarnished Truth group exhibition at Ayzenberg Space from April 8 to July 1, 2018. read more

Julia Pelzer

Posted by Fabio 12 April 2018

Julia Pelzer is amongst today’s finest and exceptional talents inillustration. She emerged on the scene straight after having graduated from arts school in her native Hamburg, one of her first assignments being for German VOGUE. read more

Ricardo Cavolo

Posted by Fabio 9 April 2018

Ricardo Cavolo is a Spanish artist based in Barcelona. His eclectic international style is based on relationships with folk art, traditional and modern tattoo culture, european religious imagery and the tribal arts. read more

Marc David Spengler

Posted by Fabio 9 April 2018

Marc David Spengler is a graphic design student at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart. His personal work focusses on illustration and printmaking. His illustrations are based on abstract shapes combined with bright colors. read more

Molly Fairhurst – Kick, Don’t Twist

Posted by Fabio 5 April 2018

A study of form, gesture and the co-existence of emotion and the delight of the human body. A collection of paintings examining physical expressions of anger and feeling in a time that is raw to many. read more

Sally Nixon

Posted by Fabio 4 April 2018

Sally Nixon is an illustrator living in Little Rock, Arkansas. She graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2013 with a BFA in illustration. She loves drawing girls because they’re pretty and food because it’s the best. read more

Renée Gouin

Posted by Fabio 28 March 2018

Vancouver-based artist, Renée Gouin most recent work is influenced by the color palettes and ambiguous spacial effects found in fashion photography. By emphasizing these flat abstract forms, she embraces the playful antics of cubism. read more