Bon Iver – Deluxe edition

Posted by Fabio 30 November 2011

Comprised of individual visual works for each of the album’s ten songs, the Bon Iver’s Deluxe Edition is the comprehensive vision for the record captured in moving picture. The visual works both complement and enrich the audio on the album, and were in themselves, another year in the making. Featuring work by Dan Huiting, Isaac Gale, David Jensen, JoLynn Garnes, Andre Durand, Ryan Thompson and Justin Vernon, the video work is meant to be consumed as a visual extension of the music, to enhance each listener’s experience. While not music videos per se, these visual accompaniments are striking in their distinctive atmosphere, and compelling works in their own right.

The Deluxe Edition is available now through iTunes, and as a free DVD for a limited time with the purchase of the record at any participating record store or through Jagjaguwar’s mailorder starting in early December, 2011.