Perera Elsewhere – Thrill

Posted by Fabio 9 October 2019

Perera Elsewhere is Berlin based, UK born experimental electronic music producer Sasha Perera. Coined by some as ‘Doom-Folk’, her one-of-a-kind music has been used in Paolo Sorrentino’s feature film Loro, Ava Du Vernay’s Queen Sugar show and HBO’s Looking. read more

The New Bauhaus opens the Architecture Design Film Festival in New York

Posted by Fabio 9 October 2019

On October 16, The New Bauhaus opens the Architecture Design Film Festival in New York. After the film, Debbie Millman of the Design Matters podcast, will hosts a Q&A with director, Alysa Nahmias, followed by the festival’s opening party. read more

Jon Key – Man in the Violet Suit

Posted by Fabio 8 October 2019

As abstractions of the Queer Black Man, a category whose members already walk society as caricatures, Jon Key’s “Man in the Violet Suit” series plays on the assumption of self-portraiture. The subject of the paintings is simultaneously flamboyant and flattened, provocative and subdued. read more

Made in Milan – Martin Scorsese’s Rare 1990 Giorgio Armani Documentary

Posted by Fabio 8 October 2019

Made in Milan is a 1990 short documentary film about fashion designer Giorgio Armani; it shows him preparing for a show and discusses his ideas about fashion, his family history and the city of Milan. read more

Matt Asato-Adams

Posted by Fabio 7 October 2019

Matt Asato-Adams is a graphic designer and researcher interested in the relationship between the body, the self, and technology. He recently graduated from ArtCenter College of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. read more

Johanna Burai

Posted by Fabio 7 October 2019

Johanna Burai is an art director and multidisciplinary designer based between Stockholm and London. She mainly works in the cultural field of art, music and fashion, creating ideas and concepts for commercial and self-initiated projects. read more

Brotherhood – A film by Meryam Joobeur

Posted by Fabio 2 October 2019

Brotherhood (Ikhwène) is a short film, directed by Meryam Joobeur. The film explores the tensions within a Tunisian family when a man who has been away for several years returns home with a mysterious new wife. read more

Julia Zastava

Posted by Fabio 1 October 2019

Julia Zastava is a multimedia artist working with drawings, videos, installations and performances. She explores the topic of transformation – when shapes turn into objects and objects appear to be notions. read more