Ramsey Dau

Posted by Fabio 18 January 2019

Ramsey Dau’s paintings combine masterfully rendered photorealism with a personal graphic vocabulary of primitive shape, pattern and expressionistic mark-making. Beginning with prodigious observation of his subconscious aesthetic and intellectual preferences read more

Derrick Adams

Posted by Fabio 18 January 2019

Derrick Adams is a multidisciplinary New York-based artist working in performance, video, sound and 2D and 3D realms. His practice focuses on the fragmentation and manipulation of structure and surface, exploring self image and forward projection. read more


Posted by Fabio 17 January 2019

Marrying into a Korean-American family in disarray, a Japanese-American man hides away with his camera and discovers a hidden connection with his future grandfather-in-law. Directed by Jackson Kiyoshi Segars read more


Posted by Fabio 16 January 2019

Merger is a new film about the future of work, from cult director/designer Keiichi Matsuda. Set against the backdrop of AI-run corporations, a tele-operator finds herself caught between virtual and physical reality, human and machine. As she fights for her economic survival, she finds herself immersed in the cult of productivity, in search of the ultimate interface. This short film documents her last 4 minutes on earth. read more

Chad Kouri – Shape and Color Studies

Posted by Fabio 16 January 2019

Growing up I always understood an artwork to be something that inherently takes a lot of time to complete. I have come to understand that this might not be the case. Although I have always struggled with the idea of getting up and leaving a piece “unfinished”, as my art practice evolves, I continue to question art as a medium read more

Ella Webb

Posted by Fabio 15 January 2019

Ella Webb is a London based illustrator. Her layered drawings examine landscapes and the natural world; reminiscent of geographical textbooks. read more

Format Wars

Posted by Fabio 14 January 2019

Format Wars is an independent design studio based in Amsterdam founded in 2017 by graphic designer, art director, and photographer from Buenos Aires, Florencia Viadana. read more

citylikeyou: Interview with Kris Andrew Small

Posted by Fabio 11 January 2019

Sydney based artist and Designer Kris Andrew Small spoke to us about art, creativity, and living and working in Sydney. Plus a selection of his favourite places.

Read full interview here