Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up

Posted by Fabio 22 June 2018

A fresh perspective on Kahlo’s compelling life story through her most intimate personal belongings. This exhibition presents an extraordinary collection of personal artefacts and clothing belonging to the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. read more

Catalogue Studio

Posted by Fabio 21 June 2018

catalogue is a graphic design practice founded by Art director and graphic designer, Gaspard Ollagnon. Based in Lyon, France, the practice provides visual identities systems, paper and web-based communication, books and signage for cultural, institutional or industrial fields. read more

Miranda July: I’m The President, Baby

Posted by Fabio 20 June 2018

Four smart curtains installed in the V&A exhibition The Future Starts Here (12 May – 4 November 2018) are linked to the phone and bed of Oumarou Idrissa, Miranda July’s friend and collaborator on this project, a young man from Niger who lives and works as an Uber driver in Los Angeles. read more


Posted by Fabio 20 June 2018

In mid-2016, LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner embarked on a month-long project to hitchhike the internet, in an artwork commissioned by Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the Finnish Institute in London. read more

Oliver Wainwright: Inside North Korea

Posted by Fabio 18 June 2018

Offering a rare glimpse inside the Hermit Kingdom, Guardian journalist and photographer Oliver Wainwright takes us on an architectural journey behind closed doors in the world’s most secretive country. read more

Alex Prager: Silver Lake Drive

Posted by Fabio 18 June 2018

Silver Lake Drive is a major new exhibition marking the first mid-career survey of American photographer and filmmaker, Alex Prager. read more

Killing Klaus Kinski

Posted by Fabio 15 June 2018

The hostility of the Amazon and its natural forces reaches superlative levels during the shooting of a film. The overpowering jungle and harsh weather lead the film crew to plot the assassination of the main actor. read more

Roy Newell

Posted by Fabio 15 June 2018

An exhibition by American abstract painter Roy Newell (1914-2006), showcasing paintings spanning over half a century of the artist’s career, including works that come directly from the artist’s Estate and that have not previously been shown in New York. read more