Miranda July: I’m The President, Baby

Posted by Fabio 20 June 2018

Four smart curtains installed in the V&A exhibition The Future Starts Here (12 May – 4 November 2018) are linked to the phone and bed of Oumarou Idrissa, Miranda July’s friend and collaborator on this project, a young man from Niger who lives and works as an Uber driver in Los Angeles. Every time Idrissa wakes up in the middle of the night and WhatsApps his family in Niger, taps Uber, or uses Instagram, one of the curtains opens or closes. Moving in real time, the curtains map the interactions between Idrissa’s sleepless nights in LA, U.S., and his family’s daytime in Niger. Using smart curtains as storytelling devices, this project defies the functional aspect of smart home technologies.

Miranda July
I’m The President, Baby
V&A London
12 May – 4 November 2018