Lisa H. Moura – When Marina Abramovic Dies

Posted by Fabio 22 December 2017

Marina Abramovic’s works rely mostly on a physical and performative experience so it was very important not to lose this aspect while designing the book. In the front cover, along with the title of the book, is the book’s introduction describing Marina’s death wishes. Death and its anthithesis to life permeates most of Marina’s body of work, so, through the use of the fore-edge technique, it is possible to read “VIDA” (Life) and “MORTE” (Death) on the edges of the entire book. While you are reading about her life, “ Morte” (death) consistently grows on the left side of the book, while “Vida” (life) diminishes on the right side of it. The use of red was also a symbolic statement, as Marina defines it as a source of energy in her life.