BENJAMIN LOWY – Iraq Perspective

Posted by Fabio 15 September 2011

American photographer Benjamin Lowy began this project as a response to what he felt was the general inability of people back home to comprehend what Iraq is like. Most people have never really seen or felt the effects of war. Confronted by a level of violence so high that walking on the street to photograph is tantamount to suicidal behavior, he found himself confined to working with American soldiers, read more

Barry Purves – Tchaikovsky

Posted by Fabio 14 September 2011

Barry Purves is a World-class stop motion animator, his films have won over sixty major international awards, including Grand Prix, Best Director, Best Film, and OSCAR and BAFTA nominations. As well as his films, Barry has directed and animated some 70 commercials, title sequences and animation inserts for films and pop promos. read more

Florian Graf – Well, Come

Posted by Fabio 13 September 2011

For the exhibition in the former monastery of Bellelay, Florian Graf turned the church into his own studio and apartment. In the entrance area, he built a 12 m high geometric sculpture which seemed to be supporting and at the same time destabilizing the Baroque architecture. The abstract monument within the monument appeared itself as an inhabitable structure. read more


Posted by Fabio 13 September 2011

A beautifully shot and fascinating short by acclaimed film director Martin De Thurah.


Posted by Fabio 12 September 2011

Wasp (2003 Oscar winner) is a 26 minutes short film written and directed by Andrea Arnold. It stars Nathalie Press as a struggling single mother determined not to let her four young children prove an obstacle in the pursuit of rekindling a relationship with an old ex-boyfriend Danny Dyer. Dartford (Arnold’s hometown) is the setting.

The Hottest Day of the Year

Posted by Fabio 7 September 2011

Keren Cytter spent her childhood in Israel, where she went on to study visual art in Avni Institute for Art, Tel Aviv. In addition to creating video installations for her shows, Cytter is also a critically acclaimed writer. Shown here is the short film The Hottest Day of the Year from 2011.

Augmented reality by dunhill.

Posted by Fabio 7 September 2011

dunhill weave the physical and virtual worlds together. Using the Aurasma lite app the dunhill Autumn Winter 2011 Voice campaign seamlessly comes to life in a rich media experience and with one tap, users can shop the latest collection from the dunhill online store.

Back to the Start

Posted by Fabio 6 September 2011

Coldplay’s haunting classic ‘The Scientist’ is performed by country music legend Willie Nelson for the soundtrack of the short film entitled, Back to the Start. The film, by film-maker Johnny Kelly, depicts the life of a farmer as he slowly turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory before seeing the errors of his ways and opting for a more sustainable future. read more