Florian Graf – Well, Come

Posted by Fabio 13 September 2011

For the exhibition in the former monastery of Bellelay, Florian Graf turned the church into his own studio and apartment. In the entrance area, he built a 12 m high geometric sculpture which seemed to be supporting and at the same time destabilizing the Baroque architecture. The abstract monument within the monument appeared itself as an inhabitable structure. The choir was transformed into an apartment where furniture and found objects from daily life mingled with the artist’s sculptures and images.

Florian Graf’s work questions the relationship between people and architecture and the psychological and emotional influence it has on us. Intervening or integrating, he engages with specific architectural and social situations, creating places of poetic density where imagination and reverie are bleeding into reality. He creates interdisciplinary media installation in gallery context and public spaces including sculpture, propositional objects, photocollages, drawings and films. Often he performs in situ or personally activates a situation.

Florian Graf lives where he works and vice versa (mostly in Basel, London or Berlin).

Florian Graf
Well, Come
19 juin – 18 septembre 2011