Martina Maffini

Posted by Fabio 26 November 2010

My influences come from other photographers (Luigi Ghirri in particular, but also Joel Sternfeld, Alexander Gronsky, Tarkovsky’s Polaroids and many many others – I really like to discover new photographers surfing on online blogs and magazines ), music (rock’n’roll, punk-rock, blues), movies, writers (in this moment Calvino and Buzzati), politics sometimes, travels and cities where I lived, states of mind. read more

Walter Hugo – Reflecting the Bright Lights

Posted by Fabio 25 November 2010

Walter Hugo resurrects near-forgotten 19th century studio techniques to reanimate the traditional portrait with unpredictable results. Each unique image is painstakingly constructed on glass plates, with sitters from London’s creative community entering his room-sized camera for the long exposure time.


Posted by Fabio 25 November 2010

Playbuttom is a wearable button that plays music: A record that plays itself. The content is pre-recorded and cannot be changed or downloaded. Like an album the sequence of the music cannot be altered. Playbutton’s audio output and battery charger are shared in one jack, and the button exterior can be designed as album art, or to otherwise correspond with the content behind it. read more

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs | A video by Spike Jonze

Posted by Fabio 24 November 2010

Arcade Fire’s new single, The Suburbs, will be released digitally on December 20th, 2010 via Sonovox. The video for the track features highlights from the forthcoming film Scenes From The Suburbs directed by Spike Jonze.

Andrew B. Myers

Posted by Fabio 24 November 2010

Andrew B. Myers is a photographer and digital image maker that resides in Toronto. His colorful and detailed pictures are very carefully crafted, with an approach that always plays with both analog as well as digital techniques to achieve a certain look and sensibility. He is currently completing his studies at Ryerson University and has been exhibited in the Toronto area. read more

Everything Everything – Photoshop Handsome – the making of

Posted by Fabio 24 November 2010

Behind the scenes footage of Everything Everything’s new video for Photoshop Handsome. Photoshop Handsome looks at the world of digital image manipulation and computer game re-incarnation. What would it feel like to come back to life as one of the ‘perfected’, false, immortal beings that adorn magazine covers, adverts and games? read more

Le Fiamme di Nule by Carolina melis

Posted by Fabio 24 November 2010

FILE Magazine presents the premier of director Carolina Melis latest film Le Fiamme di Nule read more

Klaxons – Twin Flames

Posted by Fabio 23 November 2010

2010 saw director Saam Farahmand making a short film soundtracked by Simian Mobile Disco entitled ‘Study After Cruel Intentions’, and videos for The xx, his old cohorts the Klaxons, and Mark Ronson featuring Boy George.