Le Fiamme di Nule by Carolina melis

Posted by Fabio 24 November 2010

FILE Magazine presents the premier of director Carolina Melis latest film Le Fiamme di Nule

Le Fiamme di Nule is the story of Anna, Rosa and Maria, three weavers from Nule in Sardinia taking part in the tapestry competition. They have a week to work their carpets and the judges will choose the piece that best represents the village. Anna works on a textile where colours and shapes match perfectly, the geometry is impeccable. Rosa is inspired by nature and flowers and her carpet shows the the most beautiful and romantic motif. Maria is struggling to start her design. She spends the week out in the village, walking through the fields meeting people and she observing the days passing by. Anna and Rosa wonder why and if she’s ever going to start her carpet.

It’s the evening before judging day, the village is asleep. Suddenly the light in Maria’s house comes up, finally she starts working on her tapestry. The sound of her loom invades the village for the whole night, yet there is something unusual about this, it’s not the usual beating of the shuttle knocking the weft, but it’s the music of a choir of many voices and plural tones.

It’s judging day. Rosa reveals her carpet. It’s the most beautiful design. It is so complex and detailed that it appears like a piece of embroidery. Anna opens her window and unroll her tapestry. The textile is so long that it extends all the way from her house to the entrance of Nule. It’s an impressive carpet the shapes match perfectly and throughout its length there isn’t a single mistake.

Finally Maria reveals her carpet. It’s a very unusual textile. Not perfect, nor beautiful, but it looks alive. She explains: “My gift to Nule is Nule itself. Beautiful, yes, but not perfect. Harmonious, yes, but not always in tune. Friendly, yes, but fractious at times. Orderly, yes, but sometimes in a mess. I’ve been watching us all, how we work, how we love, how we live and even if some of my shapes don’t fit and even if some of my colours clash, we’re the mix and this is my gift.”

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