The Sand Storm

Posted by Fabio 15 September 2014

Ai Weiwei stars as a water smuggler in a new “lyrical “low-fi sci-fi” tour through a bleak future, setting the stage for more to come. Directed by Jason Wishnow.

Olafur Eliasson – Riverbed

Posted by Fabio 15 September 2014

Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition at Louisiana engages with the museum’s unique identity. The exhibition consists of three sections that each thematize the encounter between Eliasson’s art and Louisiana as a place. read more

Jessica Wohl

Posted by Fabio 15 September 2014

Jessica Wohl was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Growing up in two different suburban households, she was an only child, the youngest child, and the oldest child simultaneously. She received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2001 and her MFA from the University of Georgia in 2010. read more

Todd Baxter

Posted by Fabio 15 September 2014

After studying photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture at the University of New Mexico, in his hometown of Albuquerque, Todd Baxter spent two years teaching photography and art in the Albuquerque public school system. read more

Charles Bukowski Uncensored

Posted by Fabio 15 August 2014

Candid conversations between counterculture icon Charles Bukowski, his wife, and his producer that took place in Bukowski’s home during the recording session for his classic Run With the Hunted in 1993. read more

Fact or Fiction: The Life and Times of a Ping Pong Hustler

Posted by Fabio 15 August 2014

A chronicle of the final three years of Marty Reisman’s life, a former international table tennis champion-turned-money player. Pursuing notoriety through his idiosyncratic lifestyle and motivated by his love of fame and ping pong, he inadvertently has to face his biggest fear: mortality.

Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014)

Posted by Fabio 13 August 2014

We lost one of a kind. We all lost a friend. read more

Yung Cheng Lin

Posted by Fabio 5 August 2014

The Taiwanese photographer Yung Cheng Lin aka ‘3cm’ presents the female body in unusual, erotic and sometimes absurd ways. read more