Cristina Burns – Melted

Posted by Fabio 22 November 2019

Cristina Burns is a visual artist working mainly in photography. Her work is characterized by juxtaposition, where opposing elements such as candies, toys, and flowers are fused to anatomical parts and insects, often blurring the extremely thin lines between fantasy and reality, purity and sin, life and death. read more

Laura Burke

Posted by Fabio 21 November 2019

A selection of drawings by New York-based artist and printmaker Laura Burke. read more

((( O ))) Releases video for single ‘Je Suis Infini’

Posted by Fabio 21 November 2019

The Southeast Asian artist ((( O ))) releases the video for her latest single ‘Je Suis Infini’ Co-Directed with kristen Dania. The clip shows enigmatic artist showcasing the track in her native country, performing by the sun and exploring that landscape that has shaped the project and her as an individual. read more

Hardal Studio

Posted by Fabio 20 November 2019

Turkish Graphic and Type designer Fatih Hardal founded Hardal Studio in 2019. The multidisciplinary design studio produces minimal and simple solutions for brands such as Adidas, Airbnb, Adobe and Sony Music. read more

Yoni Lappin

Posted by Fabio 20 November 2019

Yoni Lappin is a London-based director and photographer working in music, fashion, documentary, commercial and film. His interest in youth culture has led him to direct videos for cutting edge artists such as A$AP Rocky, Mura Masa, Octavian, Charli XCX, Usher, NAO and Post Malone. read more

An exhibition of new paintings by Merlin Carpenter

Posted by Fabio 19 November 2019

An exhibition of new paintings by Merlin Carpenter. The show considers the handmade object’s capacity to engage with and complicate the language and history of the readymade. read more

Anne Barlinckhoff

Posted by Fabio 19 November 2019

Anne Barlinckhoff is an artist whose work is a study of the human body and our relationships. With her remarkable eye for detail and evoking emotions for trust, close to the skin of her subjects are an exploration of the sculptural bodies turned into shapes and stories, forms and contours that transform the ordinary into a new kind of intimacy. read more

Guaxuma by Nara Normande

Posted by Fabio 15 November 2019

Nara and Tayra grew up in Guaxuma, a beach in the northeast of Brazil, but as a teenager Nara had to leave this place of freedom. After an unexpected shattering event, Nara returns to Guaxuma but she doesn’t recognize the virgin paradise of her childhood anymore. read more