Max Guther

Posted by Fabio 6 August 2018

Max Guther is a 26 year old illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Working with a mix of Photoshop and 3D, he creates collaged worlds where the focus is on architectural details, interiors, and how the human body interacts with the environment around it to convey everyday situations and activities. read more

Taryn Simon – Paperwork and the Will of Capital

Posted by Fabio 3 August 2018

In signings of political accords, contracts, treaties, and decrees, powerful men flank floral centerpieces curated to convey the importance of the signatories and the institutions they represent. The photographs and sculptures of Paperwork and the Will of Capital had twin points of departure read more

Little Pyongyang – Directed by Roxy Rezvany

Posted by Fabio 3 August 2018

A tale of one North Korean’s struggle to leave behind the homeland, Joong-wha Choi, a former soldier in the DPRK, lives today with his wife and kids in a sleepy London suburb. read more

Dead Dilly

Posted by Fabio 2 August 2018

A selection of work by Canadian graphic designer and artist, Dilan Manahan, known on the web by his moniker, Dead Dilly. read more

A series of stunning posters by designer and artist Crystal Zapata

Posted by Fabio 2 August 2018

Crystal Zapata is a Chicago-based multi-disciplinary designer and artist. She experiments with constructing dysfunctional furniture, silk screening clothing, graphic design and taking photos. read more

GUSH – Hannah Perry’s new exhibition at Somerset House

Posted by Fabio 1 August 2018

British artist and Somerset House Studios resident, Hannah Perry, presents a major body of new work in her first solo exhibition in the UK since 2015. GUSH presents a captivating and poignant exhibition featuring large-scale dynamic sculpture, sound and film read more

Leeor Wild

Posted by Fabio 1 August 2018

Leeor Wild’s body of work explores the nexus between femininity, sexuality, expression and anonymity. Fascinated by texture and movement, her images are intimate and often surreal, juxtaposing the vastness of spaces with the details of the human form. read more