Studio Jimbo

Posted by Fabio 19 July 2018

Studio Jimbo is a creative and aesthetic design studio, based in Paris. The studio was founded in 2014 by graphic designer & art director, Jimbo Barbu. read more

Erin Aniker

Posted by Fabio 17 July 2018

Erin Aniker is an Illustrator and Designer based in London, UK. She draws inspiration from the diverse community she’s grown up with in London, her dual Turkish and British heritage and travelling. read more

Joy In People

Posted by Fabio 16 July 2018

A short piece of docu-fiction about happiness, nations & massive football crowds. Covertly filmed amid the very real crowds of the European Football Championships 2016. Written and directed by Oscar Hudson.

Isabelle Hayman

Posted by Fabio 13 July 2018

Isabelle Hayman is a French visual artist based in London. Her work has been chosen to illustrate various luxury brand projects. In March 2018, a number of her drawings were shown in Paul Smith’s boutique No. 9 Albemarle St, London. read more

Strange Plants III

Posted by Fabio 12 July 2018

Strange Plants III is the third book in the award-winning series that celebrates plants in contemporary art. The 164-page book features the work of 50 artists (with Synchrodogs on the cover!) read more

Olivia Bullock

Posted by Fabio 11 July 2018

Olivia Bullock’s work is characterised by a familiar and recognisable visual language that draws inspiration from a diverse range of historical and cultural references. Much of her thematic inspiration is gathered from legends, stories, history and traditions. read more

The Favourite – Trailer

Posted by Fabio 10 July 2018

‘The Lobster’ and ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ director, Yorgos Lanthimos is back with an 18th century dark comedy period drama starring Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz.

Patricia Voulgaris

Posted by Fabio 9 July 2018

Patricia Voulgaris combines modernist cut-paper abstraction with fragments of the human body, fashioning a fragmented peek-a-boo that also suggests objectification and an urgent sense of the psychologically dislocated. read more