Nnenna Okore

Posted by Fabio 27 November 2017

Born in Australia and raised in Nigeria, Nnenna Okore has received international acclaim for her richly textured fiber art sculptures and installations. Known for their environmental ties her breathtaking works explore the fragility and ephemerality of terrestrial existence. read more


Posted by Fabio 27 November 2017

The story of a rodent’s quest for happiness and fulfillment. Directed and animated by Steve Cutts.


Edel Rodriguez

Posted by Fabio 23 November 2017

Edel Rodriguez is a Cuban American artist who has exhibited internationally with shows in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Spain. read more

Gabriel Isak

Posted by Fabio 23 November 2017

Gabriel Isak was born in Huskvarna, Sweden. He uses photography as a metaphor for experiences of the soul by creating photographs that are simple in form, but rich in ideas and emotions. His imagery entails surreal and melancholic scenes inspired by the inner world of dreams read more


Posted by Fabio 23 November 2017

Ahead of Black Friday, Beyoncé celebrates the holiday season with new merchandise items that are the exact opposite of your granny’s Christmas sweater. read more

David Uzochukwu

Posted by Fabio 22 November 2017

David Uzochukwu is a visual artist born 1998 in Austria. Without formal training, Uzochukwu delved into photography through self portraiture. He focusses on wonder and vulnerability, with a penchant for the slightly surreal. read more

Karen Asher – The Full Catastrophe

Posted by Fabio 22 November 2017

Karen Asher is an analog photo artist from Winnipeg, Canada, whose work explores her obsession with stress, absurdity and the human condition. read more

Zhiyuan Yang – Could you please hug me?

Posted by Fabio 20 November 2017

Born in Beijing, China. Yang is a visual artist who makes work drawing from personal experience and self-identity. Her works challenge and construct alternatives to normative definitions of gender, ethnicity, and social character through photography, video, and performance.