Beirut – Vagabond

Posted by Fabio 24 February 2012

Beirut’s latest video Vagabond, Taken from their August LP The Rip Tide. Directed by Sunset Television and shot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Helen Korpak

Posted by Fabio 24 February 2012

Helen Korpak is a 22 years old photographer from Helsinki, Finland. read more


Posted by Fabio 23 February 2012

Vjsuave is the result of an artistic reunion between Ygor Marotta (BR) and Ceci Soloaga (Arg). The idea started in 2010, refreshing the Vj scene by combining organic content with digital animation, in a constant search of new ways of expressions.

Kustaa Saksi – Haapaneitty, mettän tyttö

Posted by Fabio 23 February 2012

Kustaa Saksi’s children book project for Finnish publisher Nemo. “Haapaneitty, mettän tyttö” is a musical story of a boy lost in forest inspired by old folk stories, Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf and Francis Poulenc’s Babar the Elephant, combining music and visuals seamlessly and making a modern approach to a book for children. read more

Citylikeyou – Stephanie Paine (Istanbul)

Posted by Fabio 23 February 2012

We are very happy to announce that we just have added another new city and country to Citylikeyou, Instanbul (Turkey). Photographer and video artist Stephanie Paine, recommends her favorite places. read more

Livingstone, Zambia

Posted by Fabio 22 February 2012

Livingstone, Zambia, is home to one of the most beautiful views in the world, Victoria Falls. It’s contrasted with devastating darkness and oppression, completely strong-held by HIV, poverty and prostitution. Livingstone, Zambia is filmed and edited by Ryan Humm for Poetice International.

Beth Edwards

Posted by Fabio 22 February 2012

Beth Edwards is a fine artist based in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1987 Edwards completed a Master of Fine Arts at Indiana University in Indiana. Through her art she has made observations about feminism, gender roles, politics, bullying, materialization and loneliness and many other issues. read more

Commercials by Roy Andersson

Posted by Fabio 21 February 2012

Seven commercials by legendary Swedish directory Roy Andersson.

Roy Andersson