Michael Wolff

Posted by Fabio 9 August 2011

In this Intel Visual Life short documentary, Michael Wolff, co-founder of Wolff Olins Agency and considered one of the preeminent visionaries and perhaps the father of 20th century brand expression and identity, talks about his approach to looking at the world, including the muscles of curiosity, appreciation, and imagination.

Cindy Wright

Posted by Fabio 9 August 2011

Painting by Antwerp based artist Cindy Wright.


Natureza em Risco

Posted by Fabio 8 August 2011

…As we walk past it, will grow a “diary” of the garden, superimposing spontaneous and arbitrary records, productively artistic through the action of the wind on the rods with markers attached to their ends which will operate like a wind printer of the intervention of viewers ready to interact with them, thus creating a drawing of their journey. read more


Posted by Fabio 8 August 2011

A short film directed by Bruno Mangyoku and Tom Haugomat. Received the Jean Luc Xiberras de la première oeuvreaward in Annecy Festival 2010.


Paa Joe

Posted by Fabio 5 August 2011

Paa Joe was born in 1945 in the Akwapim hills north-east of Accra. The foremost sculpted coffin maker of his generation, Paa Joe apprenticed with Kane Kwei – who is credited with beginning the 20th century tradition of figurative coffins. Paa Joe’s work is held in museum collections around the world including the British Museum in London.

Paa Joe

Gottfried Helnwein

Posted by Fabio 4 August 2011

Gottfried Helnwein is an Austrian-Irish fine artist, painter, photographer, installation and performance artist. His early work consists mainly of hyper-realistic watercolors, depicting wounded children, as well as performances – often with children – in public spaces. Helnwein is concerned primarily with psychological and sociological anxiety, historical issues and political topics. read more

The Arctic Circle

Posted by Fabio 4 August 2011

An Arctic inhabitant is fascinated by the sudden appearance of a mysterious box. Music by Ihor Dawidiuk. Directed by Kevin Parry.


Sofia Coppola – Lick the Star

Posted by Fabio 3 August 2011

Sofia Coppola’s debut short film: A cruel clique of 12-year-old girls obsessed with Flowers In The Attic devise a secret plan code-named “Lick the Star”. Directed by Sofia Coppola, Cinematography by Lance Acord. read more