Posted by Fabio 25 August 2010

COASTING is a meditation on the flow of energies between American coasts, what unifies and separates a space and its forms. Directed by Daniel Mercadante.

Sharon Laurilla

Posted by Fabio 25 August 2010

Sharon Laurilla is a freelance graphic designer. She’s in love with all things print; is passionate about music; enjoys a good cupcake; and believes that ninjas are groovier than pirates.

Cayal Unger

Posted by Fabio 24 August 2010

Beautiful photography by Cayal Unger. read more


Posted by Fabio 24 August 2010

The song HAT by Max and Laura Braun presents an enigmatic story of love, discovery and loss, a sense of home and growing up. Foresaking linearity and coherence, a narrative is conveyed through fleeting glimpses, allowing a subtle landscape of emotion and memory to emerge, its contours defined by thick, soft lines. Directed by Michael Fragstein.

Maya Lin

Posted by Fabio 24 August 2010

Maya Lin is an American artist and architect who is known for her work in sculpture and landscape art. Shown here is ‘Systematic Landscapes’ from 2009.

it’s a small world

Posted by Fabio 23 August 2010

A trip to the past in California, inspired by a nice polaroid photo album found at the Melrose Trading Post fleamarket, Los Angeles. Animated by Axel Roessler, Soundtrack by Bertram Ritter.


Posted by Fabio 23 August 2010

LouLou II from 2001 by German artist Rémy Markowitsch.

Anthony Cudahy

Posted by Fabio 19 August 2010

Beautiful illustartions by New York based artist Anthony Cudahy.