Posted by Fabio 30 October 2009

3D illustrations by artist Kari Altmann. read more


Posted by Fabio 30 October 2009

After several festival screenings, Tim Bollinger shortfilm “Between” is now ready for the web. Produced by ViaGrafik.


Debauched Zeitgeist

Posted by Fabio 29 October 2009

Debauched Zeitgeist,”As nasty as they want to be”, by Carla Edwards.


Keyboard Masher

Posted by Fabio 29 October 2009

Its been a while since I last paid the lovely collection of retro LP’s a visit, they are of course to be found at Keyboard Masher, as well as steady upload of tracks for you to download.


We Were Once a Fairytale – Behind The Scenes

Posted by Fabio 29 October 2009

Unseen footage from “We Once Were Once a Fairytale” Spike jonze’s short film video collaboration with Kanye West.

Olaf Breuning

Posted by Fabio 29 October 2009

The wall drawings and wood sculptures that make up the core of Olaf Breuning’s exhibition are based on the content and imagery of his small, childlike pencil drawings that speak about the simple questions one could have about life.
Olaf Breuning / Small brain, Big stomach / Metro Pictures NY /
29 october-5 december 2009

Boring Books

Posted by Fabio 29 October 2009

Scottish Nick Currie, more popularly known under the artist name Momus (after the Greek god of mockery), is a songwriter, blogger and former journalist for Wierd. If you have 5 min, then sit back and enjoy a bit of book cover reading.


Gwon, Osang

Posted by Fabio 29 October 2009

Gwon Osang is known as the pioneer of photographic sculpture with his innovative works like ‘Deodorant Type’ and ‘The Flat’. In ‘Deodorant Type’, he used photographs to create sculptures, and in ‘The Flat’ he cut out pictures from magazines to make sculptures and captured them by camera. Beautiful! read more