Joel Jimenez – When the Dust Settles

Posted by Fabio 18 December 2019

When the Dust Settles is an exploration of the psychological landscape of our contemporary society. As we immerse ourselves in a performance-driven culture marked by the excess of desires and the saturation of information, we’ve grown to understand our hyperconnected world by the immediacy that follows our everyday lives, producing scatter thoughts, void of any reflection or deep meaning.

The paradoxical freedom of our globalized society and the compulsive idea of success leaves no space for stagnation, contemplation, and boredom; instead, the apparent gratification from leisure practices merely reflects a mirage of pleasure, positive reaffirmation, and well-being.

This project seeks to navigate the complex emotional climate of today’s world through stilled environments that show remnants of our experiences, an in-between state of calm, an opportunity to pause and reflect on the nature of our identity.

The atmospheres depicted in these landscapes evidence the internal contradictions that we face as individuals; these are places where we long for affection and at the same time, solitude, filled with nostalgia and dreams for our future.

All images © Joel Jimenez