Sharon Core’s “Thiebaud” series (2003–04)

Posted by Fabio 26 November 2018

Sharon Core is an American artist and photographer whose work uses art-historical conventions of landscape, portraiture and still life to explore questions of collective memory, the nature of authenticity and authorship, and the interplay between photographic truth and illusion. read more

Andrea Nakhla

Posted by Fabio 21 November 2018

A selection of paintings from “Little Joy” by 29-year old artist Andrea Nakhla. read more

Heather Chontos

Posted by Fabio 7 November 2018

Heather Chontos suffered from an illness which caused her to become blind for a year of her childhood, giving her a different perspective and appreciation for light and colour. Her sight recovered, but her vision would never be the same after the constant landscape of solid grey that year. read more

Good grief, Charlie Brown! – Celebrating Snoopy and the enduring power of Peanuts

Posted by Fabio 29 October 2018

Good grief, Charlie Brown! brings together Charles M. Schulz original Peanuts cartoons with work from a wide range of acclaimed contemporary artists and designers who have been inspired by this highly influential and much-loved cartoon. read more

Toby Ziegler: YourMother

Posted by Fabio 11 October 2018

Your Mother, an exhibition of new paintings by London-based artist Toby Ziegler. This is his second solo exhibition with the Simon Lee Gallery in Hong Kong. read more

Marianna Simnett: Blood In My Milk

Posted by Fabio 10 October 2018

“Blood In My Milk” is the title of a new film and sound installation by Marianna Simnett and the artist’s first institutional solo exhibition in the US. read more

Anthony Roth Costanzo – Glass Handel – Visionaire

Posted by Fabio 5 October 2018

Music video by Anthony Roth Costanzo performing Handel: Rodelinda, HWV 34 – Vivi, tiranno, io t’ho scampato. Directed by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Ryan Mrozowski’s new solo exhibition

Posted by Fabio 3 October 2018

As part of its Viewing Room programme, Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to present a concise solo exhibition by New York-based artist Ryan Mrozowski. His latest work – paintings in acrylic on linen, covered in natural and botanical motifs read more