Sainte Maria

Posted by Fabio 13 December 2019

Sainte Maria is an illustrator based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her illustrations strip things down from exuberance and reflect fashion in all its beauty. From Chanel shows through the creations of Gosha Rubchinskyi and Balenciaga to a Carmex lip balm, she takes down the barriers between what is commercial and sophisticated. Infusing art with a sense of infantile purity, her illustrations do not shout to be seen, but somehow grab the eye. Maria captures objects and sceneries in a modern way but always with a dash of whimsy.
Her artistic style formed under the influence of naive art, children drawings, graphic design, minimalistic abstract art, simple forms, with a touch of Asian traditional art and Scandinavian design. She uses the pallet of the fading colours of nature: earth, stone, grey sky, winter sea and others.