Nubia Way: a story of black-led self building in Lewisham

Posted by Fabio 2 September 2022

Nubia Way was built in the 1990s by Fusions Jameen, London’s first black housing co-operative in Downham, Lewisham. Constructed using the principles of Walter Segal, self-builders were offered long-term discounted rents in return for building the homes. Through interviews with the original self-builders, historians, architects and economists, this new documentary from the Architecture Foundation celebrates the legacy of Nubia Way and examines self-building as an act of resistance against the housing discrimination faced by Black British Communities.

Starring: Leonard Guy, Navlette Guy, Errol Hall, André Howard & Tim Oshodi

Created and Produced by: Rosine Gibbs-Stevenson & Rochelle Malcolm
Directed by: Timi Akindele-Ajani
Editor: Jules Bayer-Crier
Co-Producer: James Thormod
Executive Producer: Adjaye Associates
Written by: Timi Akindele-Ajani, Rosine Gibbs-Stevenson & Rochelle Malcolm