Posted by Fabio 2 August 2019

CAMELIA, an escort with a troubled past, is newly employed at an erotic massage parlour in eastern Montreal. Met coldly by her competitive new colleagues, she struggles to establish a clientele while maintaining her dignity. Directed by Pier-Philippe Chevigny.


Elise Mesner

Posted by Fabio 1 August 2019

Detroit native Elise Mesner (now based in Los Angeles) is an eclectic-minded painter, illustrator, fashion/costume designer, stylist, tastemaker, cross-media artist, and fine art photographer/creative director working and dipping into all arty media. read more

Scottie Cameron

Posted by Fabio 29 July 2019

Scottie Cameron is an Australian photographer and director known for his use of graphic compositions instilled with a sense of humour. Utilizing organic materials in still compositions with human elements, storytelling is at the core of Scottie’s creative vision. read more

Pilvi Takala – The Stroker

Posted by Fabio 25 July 2019

The Stroker is a two-channel video installation based on Takala’s two week-long intervention at Second Home, a trendy East London coworking space for young entrepreneurs and startups. read more

Solange Knowles – When I Get Home

Posted by Fabio 15 July 2019

Visual artist and singer/ songwriter Solange Knowles presents an extended version of her interdisciplinary performance art film When I Get Home at the V&A (Friday Late) in London on the 30th of August. read more

Smug – A short film by Chloe Sheppard

Posted by Fabio 4 July 2019

Starring multidisciplinary artist Rene Matic, Smug is a moving portrait soundtracked by a passage Rene wrote expressing her feelings towards her surrounding world, and being in her body today. read more

Luke Lorentzen

Posted by Fabio 12 June 2019

Luke Lorentzen is a graduate of Stanford University’s department of Art and Art History. His first film, Santa Cruz del Islote (2014) – a short documentary about a small and densely populated fishing community in Colombia – won awards at over ten international film festivals including the San Francisco International and Chicago International. read more

Jonathan Turner

Posted by Fabio 7 June 2019

Jonathan Turner is a Brooklyn-based artist working primarily in video and animation for performance, installation and interactive media. Through these mediums, Turner has been exploring and questioning the role of memory and perception in the face of an increasingly technology-influenced social and natural world. read more