Broken Fingaz – Safe Troubles

Posted by Fabio 26 April 2019

Art collective Broken Fingaz are back in Rome, with a solo exhibition of new works at Varsi gallery. Safe Troubles features an entirely new body of experimental oil paintings by Deso, Tant and Unga, who have turned their attention inwards, to look at their personal surroundings, their nomadic lifestyle, and the continuity of western art history, that is still distant and disconnected from the history of their own country.

Still rendered in their punchy and unforgettable style, with references to graphics, graffiti and muralism, these works nonetheless represent the beginning of a new period for the three artists.

On the occasion of Safe Troubles, BFC are also releasing a collection of handmade, single-edition denim jackets, made in collaboration with Alessia De Pasquale.

Broken Fingaz
Safe Troubles
Galleria Varsi, Rome
13 of April – 1 of May, 2019