My Beautiful Broken Brain

Posted by Fabio 12 December 2013

Her brain is broken. Her mind is limitless. A film about a young woman’s cerebral haemorrhage – with outcomes no one could have predicted.

My Beautiful Broken Brain. A film about 34 year old Lotje Sodderland, who in November 2011 experienced a massive life-threatening brain haemorrhage — regaining consciousness in a world where words were incomprehensible, sound and vision distorted and where her peripheral vision was filled with frightening hallucinations. Still unable to speak or even think properly she started using her iPhone to record every changing moment. Two weeks later she asked her family to contact filmmaker Sophie Robinson to see if she would help document her rapidly changing life. My Beautiful Broken Brain is the story of something that could happen to anyone at anytime — born out of necessity to help a young woman make sense of having to start her life again when she was only half way through it.