André Damião – em_bruto

Posted by Fabio 11 May 2012

em_bruto is an audio-visual performance that was born with the objective of exploring the interface of the software Pure Data (PD) as a medium of visual composition. Imagining that in this manner it would be possible promote an aestheticization of the “raw” interface of the sofware in an interesting way, as an allusion to the aesthetics of live coding, and so it would be feasible to add new values and meanings to abstract shapes like squares, circles and crosses.Therefore, the visual elements used to compose this work are objects that are part of the visual programming language of PD such as: objects, number boxes and mainly GUI elements (toggles, bangs, radios and canvasses). These elements are manipulated with a piece of music played live, which refers to some sounds of old synthesizers, computer glitches and unsuccessful mash-ups .This mixture ends up generating a performance that is accessible both to a specialized audience and for a general audience.

André Damião