Posted by Fabio 10 September 2019

MERLOT is a Multi-Award Winning short film co-directed and animated by Giulia Martinelli and Marta Gennari with Sound Design by Alessandro Nepote.

“MERLOT’s very first idea came out of a word game during one of our brainstorming sessions. Our goal was to tell a simple and funny story and be able to learn during the process because it was our very first attempt in handling an entire short film and also because we were a small team of two people.

We ended up using this particular storytelling approach with boxes, which allowed us to show different situations at the same time and how events are funnily interconnected. For the sound I had a clear idea in mind and I managed to explain it to the sound designer Alessandro, that made a great job, incredibly professional, also considered it was his very first work on an animated piece.

We decided to use no dialogues, no voices, no music. Just sounds recorded with glass objects and wood. Every character is characterized by a material and a specific sound. The sounds are also crucial in the storytelling to let the audience follow the movements of the boxes and of the story.”_Giulia Martinelli