Lúa Ocaña

Posted by Fabio 16 September 2013

The contemplative and intimate pictures of Spanish photographer Lúa Ocaña reveal and re-familiarise us with the world many of us are letting slip away. Providing us with a portal into her own world, one in which she feels, sees and experiences where and what she is in and not what she is infront of. She allows us to participate in her sense of space. She takes us with the birds into wide open skies and then brings us back to earth, inviting us into much more intimate worlds, usually her own. Through the textual and rough yet delicately soft blur of her film-based photographs we are allowed a pause to appreciate the beauty in small moments. One is humbled by Ocañas´ generosity in sharing such private intimacies, and we relate, remember or reminisce these once also have been our own, if we would only stop to notice.