Roxanne Jackson

Posted by Fabio 28 June 2010

Roxanne Jackson is a sculptor based in Minneapolis, she completed an MFA at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2004, since then she has been busy creating rather sombre and grotesque pieces of art as Jackson describes herself. “I am concerned with confronting the shadows of the unconscious, having a dialogue with the grotesque and, therein, discovering beauty.
The tenor of my work is macabre and emotional as I deal with extreme axioms to dramatize the dualities of our nature; these polar aspects reside within us and include vulnerability and strength, the light and the dark, the human and the inhuman.

My intuitive process of working is rooted in archetypal forms; these salient images are often hybrids of humans and animals. Captivated by the hierarchies of the animal world, I contemplate the roles of both predator and prey. Contemporary society has its own hierarchy made up of class, gender and race; the less privileged remain on the bottom rung of the ladder.”