Kristof kintera – Analysis Results

Posted by Fabio 21 May 2012

Analysis Results is the new solo exhibition by Czech artist Kristof kintera. Some of the well known pieces will be shown, such as “My Light Is your Light” (2008), a monstrous chandelier made of urban lamps or “Revolution” (2005), a strange boy banging his head on the wall.

The key work of this exhibition is without a doubt, “Bad News”, created in 2011. It represents a devil who, head leaning on a drum, reacts to his listening to a radio airing announcements about catastrophes, speeches by dictators and Heavy Metal music hitting the instrument like a maniac. Originally in Czech, the sound track of this work was recorded in French especially for this exhibition at La Station.

About the title of the exhibition, KINTERA said: “I like this insipid title precisely because it refers to the pragmatic language of management. But it is also the truth: those pieces are the result of analyses. I try to analyze the world around me, and if it is possible, to hold a rounded and distorted mirror in front of it.”

Kristof kintera
Analysis Results
La Station Gallery
May 30 – September 15, 2012