Corn Shuk Mei Ho’s solo exhibition, Night Swims 2020

Posted by Fabio 8 September 2020

The ‘Night Swims Series’ (2017-20) is a project which continues Ho’s journey, diving into the dark waters of the human psyche. The characters depicted in the paintings reflect a state of feelings including isolation, solitude, uncertainty and fear. The reflections dancing off of the surface of the dark waters are a symbolic description of these hidden emotions. They mirror the feelings of the characters as if they were nocturnal animals that are only comfortable to feed and hunt in the dark.

“Having won the D Contemporary’s 1st Painting prize, in late 2019, I feel privileged and honoured to be awarded this exhibition, which is to take place during Mayfairs Art Fair. This exhibition will include 5 new drawings and 5 new paintings of the Night Swims Series and I am grateful to the organisers who have accommodated this event despite such peculiar times.”_Corn Shuk Mei Ho

Corn Shuk Mei Ho
Night Swims 2020
D Contemporary Gallery, London
28 September – 5 October