Corn Shuk Mei Ho – Night Swims Series (2017-19)

Posted by Fabio 6 June 2019

The Night Swims Series (2017-19) is a project by London-based painter, Corn Shuk Mei Ho. The characters depicted in the paintings reflect a state of feelings including isolation, solitude, uncertainty and fear. The reflections dancing off of the dark waters surface are a symbolic description of these hidden emotions. They mirror the feelings of the characters as if they were like nocturnal animals that are only comfortable to feed and hunt in the dark.

“It was my first experience swimming at night in Lantau Island, Hong Kong in summer 2016 which inspired this project. It is here where I swam far away from the artificial streetlights of the Island, where one could observe the horizon of darkness between the sky and sea. Here was an endless darkness with different layers of black colours. This variety of black colours is also a material study for my colour palettes used in this project.”_Corn Shuk Mei Ho

The “Night Swims Series” will be exhibited this coming summer show (17th July – 14th August 2019) at the Chelsea Waterside Artspace, London.