Themselves – Roman is as Roman Does

Posted by Fabio 11 November 2009

Yu Sato have proved that it is still possible to rise above financial constraints and make superbly inventive animated videos, produced largely in-camera with composited effects. The videos was made independently by the director using resources at Passion Pictures’ studio

Yu Sato talks about his video Themselves “Roman is as Roman Does”.

“The concept of the song is about stealing music, and the title of the track “Roman is as roman does” suggests a person who does what they like, so my idea for the video was to hint at what would happen if people were able to continuously take whatever they liked without any repercussions. It’s about trying to illustrate the problem with the current downloading culture, where music is becoming a kind of daily food and is no longer seen as a valuable art form bringing meaning to life.”

“I wanted to create a video which offers encouragement to people in this time of economic recession. I also was tired of seeing something nice, cool, fantastic, epic, etc, and I think that’s what most animation/live action films are like at the moment. So I decided to make something simple and basic in my own little way plus fun to look at. We shot live action material which we used together with CG and my paintings. There are also few stop frame elements composited using After Effects. “