Cornershop – Free Love

Posted by Fabio 10 November 2009

Chris Hemming from Passion Pictures talks about the making of his beautiful animated music video for Cornershop’s new single Free Love. Taken from the album Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast.

The brief from the band was for me to include love, religion and to give the film a global feeling. The resulting video is an existential cosmic tale following the small and large cogs of life (hence the design of the silver planet). We follow some rabbits, which are based on old star gazing Mayan spirits, on their journey of self realisation. The story ends badly for them, but luckily well for the universe.

The animation of the silver city is stop frame animation, as are all the effects which were made from odd things like crumbling lines of charcoal (the comet tails), cotton wool balls (for the explosions) and lots of string (for the fire). The rabbits were animated in 2D (pencil & then inked). The background plate is live action footage I shot of a 200 LED ‘Star Cloth’. It was then lovingly composited in After Effects. We made10 minutes of animation that was then edited down to the 3min 45 sec track to make the editing process as creative as possible. _Chris Hemming